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primavera (wood)

Firm, lightweight, fine-textured wood obtained from the species Tabebuia donnell-smithii native to Mexico and Central America. Although the tree is unrelated to true mahogany, the wood resembles it in being easy to work, lustrous, and free of tendency to warp. When first cut, it is pale yellow in color; upon exposure to air and light it darkens to a yellowish rose with streaks of red, orange, and brown. Primavera is used, either in thin lumber or veneer form, for paneling, furniture, veneers, inlaying, and cabinetmaking.

private gardens

Originally, gardens designed to reflect the power and largesse of the aristocracy. Contemporary usage extends to gardens maintained by individuals that are somehow enclosed or secluded, regardless of size, and that may evoke the fanciful or fantastic. Variations of the private garden may be designed to house a collection of artworks, or to highlight a particular plant genus.

Pseudotsuga menziesii (species)

Species of North American fir tree having several forms, one with reflexed bracts, that are sometimes considered to be separate species. Trees may reach heights in excess of 90 m (295 feet) and have diameters of more than 4 m (13 feet), but most contemporary stands are composed of trees that are much smaller, due to the fact that many old specimens have been logged. It is noted as one of the best timber trees in North America, as well as a popular ornamental and Christmas tree, and is used for reforestation along the Pacific Coast.

pudding stone

Conglomerate rock containing numerous rounded pebbles.


Wood suitable for making paper pulp.

pumice (volcanic rock)

A pale gray, porous variety of the volcanic stone rhyolite; it is composed of potassium aluminum silicate with small amounts of iron and alkalis. Pumice is used as an abrasive for polishing jewelry, cleaning metals, and smoothing vellum and parchment. In its solid form it is used as an abrasive and aggregate and in its powdered form it is used as a polish and abrasive.

punk (wood)

Wood rendered dry, crumbly, and easily ignitable by the action of certain fungi; often used as tinder.

purple slate

Slate that has components of hematite and chlorite, causing a purplish color.

Pyrex (TM)

A low-expansion type of bora-silicate glass.

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