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quadrangles (open spaces)
Rectangular grassy or paved areas surrounded by buildings, generally of an academic or civic nature. Distinguished from "courtyards" which generally fall within the bounds of a single building.

Quaker meeting houses
Houses or other buildings where meetings for worship are held by the the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

quarries (extracting complexes)
Open-air excavations from which stone for building or other purposes is or has been obtained by cutting or blasting.

quarters (districts)
Regions, districts, localities, or other divisions of a town or city. Whereas the term technically refers to areas resulting from division of a larger area into four parts, quarters are instead typically defined by habitation by a certain group or community, or by having a particular character or use, regardless of the total number of such parts.

A metamorphic rock composed largely of granular quartz which is cemented by silica forming a homogeneous mass of very high tensile and crushing strengths; especially used as a building stone, as gravel in road construction, and as aggregate in concrete.

Stones used to form the corner of a wall of masonry, especially when accentuated by a difference in the surface treatment from that of the rest of the wall mass.

quonset huts
Prefabricated buildings with a semicircular cross section, generally built of corrugated metal and provided with thermal insulation.